My Bowel Cancer Podcast

There was an amazing response to my Assisted Dying blog last month. It got a tremendous boost from the nice people at Dignity in Dying who posted it on their Twitter and Facebook pages, so big thanks to them! I had thought the reaction would be far more divided, but virtually all the feedback I … Continue reading My Bowel Cancer Podcast


My Thoughts on Assisted Dying

First the heavy stuff... Perhaps this is a little controversial, but as someone living with incurable stage 4 bowel cancer and a realistic life expectancy of no more than a few years, I’ve spent a fair amount of time contemplating when and how I might die. I really don’t see much point in ducking the … Continue reading My Thoughts on Assisted Dying

Bowel Cancer UK / Beating Bowel Cancer Merger and New Brand

Health Update Good news! On Tuesday I received the result from my latest scan following the completion of my last 8 cycles of chemotherapy. Basically there’s no significant change in the disease in my liver and lungs and the cancer markers in my blood have reduced. My prognosis is still 2 years or so, but … Continue reading Bowel Cancer UK / Beating Bowel Cancer Merger and New Brand

Walk Together, Tabloid Fame and a Fundraising Bike Ride

Thanks for all the feedback on my anniversary blog. It was quite a tough one to write as it had been an eventful year and quite an emotional one too! This time, I’d like to highlight some more fundraising initiatives and share a fantastic interview which my daughter Alice did with the Sun Online to … Continue reading Walk Together, Tabloid Fame and a Fundraising Bike Ride

Bowel Cancer Walk for Patrick

Bowel Cancer is absolutely the worst thing that’s ever happened to me - by several light years! But despite a pretty depressing prognosis (perhaps 3 years life expectancy), I do feel strangely at peace with my situation. Since my operation and diagnosis I’ve met some extraordinarily inspiring people and experienced a coming together of family and … Continue reading Bowel Cancer Walk for Patrick